Collect Park:
A Response to New York's Shifting Edge

Location: New York City, NY
Date: Spring 2011
Course: Harvard GSD Department of Landscape Architecture 1405: Between the Bridges: Beyond Infrastructure
Instructors: Susannah Drake of dlandstudio and Stephen Cassell of Architecture Research Office (ARO)
Partner: Anna Cawrse, MLA II

Climate change is drastically impacting the water’s edge condition across the globe. Rising sea levels, increased flooding, and severe storm surges, are necessitating a radical shift in the design of hydrologic infrastructure. Collect Park responds to New York City’s shifting environment with a landscape of innovation and intervention. By using the new landscape as soft infrastructure to welcome increased rainfall and sea level changes, Collect Park becomes a central feature for economic and ecologic regeneration in lower Manhattan.


  • Winning Entry, By the City / For the City Design Competition, sponsored by the Institute for Urban Design in New York City.


  • GSD Platform 4: A Year of Research through Studio Work, Theses, Lectures, Exhibitions, and Events at the Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • By the City / For the City: An Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York, The Institute for Urban Design, Ed. Anne Guiney and Brendan Crain